We’re a tough old bunch, illustrators and artists, but we often work long hours in isolation and outside the traditional office setting. And we like to talk. More importantly, we like Real Talk - those bursts of refreshing honesty about life, money, time management or fears for the future, like warm mugs of home-made coffee in a landscape of overpriced iced social media frappés, perma-caution and NDAs.

So this is where I share some of that, from my almost thirty-year experience at the coleface - and more importantly, from 50+ years of being a human.

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Writing by Sarah J Coleman aka Inkymole, illustrator and lettering artist.


Sarah Jane Coleman

Illustrator and lettering artist who writes. Drawing and writing were my first loves; although I married one, the other never went away, staying hidden in plain sight through clandestine moonlit meetings over a keyboard and strong tea.